Cats intemidating each other

Put your cat’s litterbox in that room and feed your cat in a place out of the dog’s reach.

Give your cat some tall furniture so he can watch the dog from above.

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Cat and French Bulldog puppies by Shutterstock" / Create a safe space for your cat by putting a baby gate on the door to his favorite room.

The size difference is less pronounced than with an adult dog, and the puppy will quickly learn the cat’s boundaries and limits: There’s nothing like a claws-out swat on the nose to tell a dog "enough is enough!

You need to place more litter boxes around your house so that Skittles has choices.

If one box does not feel safe, then she can choose another. Place them in areas where Skittles can see when Izzy is approaching and can easily escape.

This week, our Litter Box Mentor, Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger, answers reader Renee’s question about why her cat Izzy is intimidating her other cat, Skittles, in the litter box…and what Renee can do to restore peace.

Here’s what Renee writes: “Any thoughts on a cat who plays potty police with the other cat?

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