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An archdiocese is presided over by an archbishop whose see may have or have had importance due to size or historical significance.The archbishop may have metropolitan authority over any other suffragan bishops and their dioceses within his ecclesiastical province.The word diocesan means relating or pertaining to a diocese.It can also be used as a noun meaning the bishop who has the principal supervision of a diocese.We went to his church at 8 AM and my church at 10 AM. And when Morris asked that question, I realized that I was a bit concerned about being a Baptist. • Would I have to wear a church suit and matching hat? I didn’t tell Morris this, but I was also harboring a bit of Baptist baggage.

But, as in other Pentecostal denominations, it has long been clear that the church condemns homosexuality.

Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr., President of the International Missions Department, encouraged members to adopt children from the foster care system and babies in danger of being aborted.

“If we have children, we’re going to raise them Baptist, right?

Marriage, according to the Church of God in Christ, is for procreation only.

Ignoring the fact that millions of gay and lesbian people are, in fact, raising children through a variety of means, the church asserts that only heterosexual couples should be entitled to marry.

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But my parents left their Baptist church in the early 1980s, because they were becoming more charismatic.

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