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(This is different from female mutilation) It involves cutting only the outer skin of the clitoris and not the removal of the external genitalia.Yes, I will have sex with uncircumcised men if I am in Europe and therefore I have no other option.Like "oh yeah doctor just snip it right off, i'm sure he'll never miss it." What kinda shit is that, mom and dad? i never had a problem teaching them how to use it... no pun intended and stop worrying about your dick, girls care more about what they look like than to care about you..

when I was 4 and the doctor had me take my clothes off for a "physical" examination.

As long as the gentleman has good personal hygiene it's totally not an issue for me. Thankfully this is the 21st century and most guys I know aren't filthy pigs.

Yeah circumcision is such an F'ing weird concept..... but what the hell kinda decision is that to make for someone else? in a matter of fact i gotten more because they have never seen one...

And like others have said, it doesn't even really look different when you have an erection, so it doesn't really matter unless you plan on whipping it out when you're not about to fuck, lol.

Ive heard one of my friends(a girl) tell me that she doesnt really like foreskins etc but it wont stop her from having sex with him, she just prefers cut guys cause it 'looks better'. I just have a preference for the circumcised and finding that out is surprising and perhaps a little off putting.

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