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By entering into this agreement, you will not immediately terminate the partnership, but instead the partnership will continue until the "winding up" of the business is concluded.

"Winding up" is the process of paying off all debts of the business, distributing the remaining assets among the partners, and terminating the partnership's legal existence.

With an established global presence and familiarity with the international marketplace, we provide project management and sales services wherever the assets are located.

Using market-leading technologies, we also provide live online bidding and simulcast bankruptcy auctions online to allow buyers around the world to participate and purchase assets for sale.

A C corporation is a business entity governed by Subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Corporations are the most widely known business forms, providing limited liability to shareholders and allowing ownership to be freely transferred through the buying and selling of stock.

Direct has been my primary source of income for the last five years and I enjoy having my own business.I have purchased pallets from Direct and have doubled my profits every single time. When a corporation ceases its business operations, all assets owned by the company must be distributed.Maynards is very active in the asset conversion and monetization of industrial equipment and commercial inventories through bankruptcy sales, auctions, and structured liquidation programs.Industry sectors of particular expertise include automotive, metalworking, plastics, DVD/CD replication and production, machine tool, woodworking, sawmill, pulp and paper, and retail/commercial inventories.

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Specializing in bankruptcy and liquidation auctions since 1902, Maynards provides a range of strategic services to help companies identify and monetize the value of underperforming or surplus business assets.

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