Oxidating flame

is transformed to elemental sulfur and a new phenomenon is observed.

At a small contact time (less than 4–5 s), the process enters the mode of intermittent flames.

In order to understand controlling factors in the process, a transient one-dimensional reactive-diffusive model has been formulated for simulating the oxidation processes taking place in the reactive layer between hot burned gases and cold unreacted air/fuel mixture, with initial and boundary conditions provided by the emergence of hydrocarbons from the piston top land crevice.

Energy and species conservation equations are solved for the entire process, using a detailed chemical kinetic mechanism for propane.

ABSTRACT: Low temperature combustion (LTC) has been considered as a promising combustion technology in internal combustion engine due to its higher thermal efficiency and lower emission than the conventional combustion engines.

to 0.05 in a two-stage atmospheric-pressure combustion system in which soot-laden gas from a primary flame was partially cooled, mixed with oxygen-containing gas, and burned in a downstream premixed flame.

The influences of the various reaction rate parameters on the laminar flame properties have been identified, and a simple procedure to determine the best values for the reaction rate parameters is demonstrated.

Hereby oxidation is done by oxygen, while reduction is done by reducing agents in the flame, such as carbon monoxide or hydrogen.

About 50-90 percent of the hydrocarbons that escape combustion during flame passage in spark-ignition engine operation are oxidized in the cylinder before leaving the system.

The process involves the transport of unreacted fuel from cold walls towards the hotter burned gas regions and subsequent reaction.

Metal and oxide precipitate can then be further analyzed.

In chemical terms, "oxidation" refers the loss of electrons.

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