Passport 8500 updating

This wireless technology isn't a big deal for some, but it is for those planning to use the Escort Live app.

Aside from early warnings of nearby speedtraps, the system can also be used to lock out nuisance signals causing false alarms. No USB means no firmware updates, making the 8500 X50 susceptible to obsolesence.

I replaced a eight year old (original) Passport 8500 with this newer 8500 X50 model.

The professional tests and reviews all seem to confirm that this unit is worth the money and compares favorably with the higher priced brand.

The two are similar under the skin—both use the Escort M4 platform—and they have similar performance.

But the X80 has upscale features missing from the 2002-vintage 8500 X50—Bluetooth, for example.

The app sends and receives radar detection data from the network of users you to alert you to the presence of traffic light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps.

The 8500 X50 also comes with a very nice storage case that allows you to store your detector, mount and cable when not in use.

This is a welcome feature for an avid traveller and rental car user like myself!

The latter enables you to join a community of Smart Cord Live users via a special i Phone app said to provide real-time ticket protection.

Both units are well presented in very nice packaging with clear, full-color instruction manuals.

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This unit appears to be about the same weight and size as the older 8500 and can use the same power cord.

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