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I run my own consulting company, manage Ask The and work a full 9 to 5 job on Wall Street as a System Administrator.

But I’m sure after reading this article you will change your perspective over the spy software.

In simplest words, m Spy is a service that lets you monitor Smartphones and Computers.

For instance, let’s say your are using Gmail as your email account.

Open Safari (or any other internet browser) and go to Gmail’s site.

You may have some unread emails that you may not know.I’ll touch on what you might do to get your email back (but to be honest, I’m not very hopeful) and I’ll talk about the service that you let access your machine. Free email services have little if any customer support or recourse to help you out.The key here is that the stuff that you consider important was stored in one and only one place: a free email account.I searched old emails and they’re just gone; anything past 2013 emails are gone which I need to have. When I found out and panicked I searched links and saw a link without reading carefully about Hotmail help. Keeping anything critically important in only a free email account like Hotmail is unfortunately a recipe for disaster.It turned out that it was not Hotmail but a company called [company redacted]; they took over my computer remotely before I realized they were not directly associated with Microsoft. I want to go over how you might have been better prepared for this.

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