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She has also appeared on several other popular television shows like “CSI: NY” and “Pretty Little Liars”. She graduated from “Apple Valley High School” in Minnesota in 2003.She then attended the “University of Illinois”, graduating in 2007 with a degree in psychology.Her interest in dance and gymnastics eventually led her to participate in competitive cheerleading in high school and college.In 2004, Cho won the title of “Miss Korea Chicago”, which gained her popularity in the local circuit.In 2011 she appeared in the role of Pru, a friend of Paige Mc Cullers (Lindsey Shaw) in Season 1, Episode 20 ("Someone to Watch Over Me"), of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.In 2011 she also appeared in the role of Gia in the monster film Mega Python vs. In 2009 Cho appeared in Season 5, Episode 19 ("Communication Breakdown"), of the CBS show CSI: NY, in the supporting role of Gahee Paik, the daughter of a Korean father suspected of murder.His You Tube success has made him get recognition from the media such as being a nominee for choice award shows as well as being on Forbes' list of Influential, young stars.Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi started posting You Tube videos of themselves lip-syncing to your mother's hiok songs in mid-2006 while attending Waiakea High School.

In 2010, the restorative brand Clinique reported Cho as the model for their most up to date ad crusade in Asia. Cho has shown up in movies, TV arrangement and advertisements in the United States and Asia.

They quickly expanded beyond songs, with a variety of other comedic pieces.

Occasional guest appearances were made by Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago.

Because of this, Nigahiga's lip synching videos were all removed (with the exception of You're Beautiful, which was audio swapped), along with most of his other videos that included copyrighted music.

As a child, she was often a target for bullying and was hospitalized twice for injuries after being physically attacked, saying that "I had two teeth knocked out, a chipped tooth, [and] I still wear a wire . In 2010, the cosmetic brand Clinique announced Cho as the model for their newest advertisement campaign in Asia. Clinique was reported to have stated that they "selected Cho not because she was Korean, but because she had the beauty to represent Asia".

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