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Although this is no longer supported, players could also play a mutiplayer region via Sim Cityscape and were able to make deals with other players.

There are 8 different available regions at Sim City (2013)'s launch.

Admittedly since the initial launch day Sim City’s servers haven’t been quite the nuisance the media has made out.

We might not have had the same levels of inactivity US gamers had, but the odd disconnection while we’re contentedly watching over our cities is enough to put us off.

A goodwill gesture of a free EA game might have smoothed things over, but the fact still remains that always-on is not a good idea.

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Wii, Play Station, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 64DD, Play Station Network, Nintendo DS, Acorn Archimedes, Acorn Electron, Amiga, Amiga CDTV, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, BBC Micro, C64, DESQview, DOS, EPOC32, FM Towns, i OS, Android, PC-98, GBA, OLPC XO-1, OS/2, Ne WS, Web browser, SNES, Tk, Unix, X11 TCL, Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sim City is an open-ended city-building computer and console video game series originally designed by developer Will Wright.

Some even claim that the game needs an Internet connection simply to function and will never go offline.

As a matter of fact, many gamers have already discovered that appears to be running much smoother now than it was a week ago.

Having four cities up and running, each with a particular ‘speciality’ we had hoped to share across the region some of our benefits.In Sim City 2000, the player's city is in the center of the region.Players can make deals with other cities in the region by building roads on the edge of their city or by building an airport.Sim City 3000 has the same concept as its predecessor but has been expanded.Players can now rename other cities and there are more deals the player can make with other cities.

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