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The company has announced that Swift Playgrounds will now help people use code to learn how to control real world gadgets, including drones, robots, and even musical instruments.

“More than 1 million kids and adults from around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds to learn the fundamentals of coding with Swift in a fun and interactive way,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

The hybrid form factor enables impressive agility for aerial acrobatics, the Swing performs U-turns, half-flips and loops at high speed.

Volume discounts will be applied as you fill your cart.

For instance, you can stop the drone by pushing a button and it will switch back to the quadcopter mode and stay still in the air, which is impossible to do with a plane drone, like the Parrot Disco.

How many of you out there are using Swift Playgrounds?

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And now the company has made another announcement, this time in regards to its Swift Playgrounds app, which is designed to help everyone, even kids, learn how to code using Apple’s development language.

In the demo we could only see a partial plane mode, due to the space limitation in the drones’ cage at the Parrot booth.

The Swing is a little more expensive, at 9 , probably because the package includes the Flypad controller.

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