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A Bluetooth mouse doesn't need wires to move the curser about your screen and execute commands.As long as the devices remain within about 10 meters of one another, the headset and the mouse will work nicely without any obnoxious wires getting in your way.For drivers, Bluetooth could be a saviour, especially if teamed up with voice recognition technology.Imagine a world in which you place your mobile in its holder on the dash and tell it to dial a number while you listen on your sleek and very discreet headset - a godsend in countries or states that prohibit use of hand-held mobiles while driving.

Not all computers will have the same BIOS manufacturer, let alone the same exact process, but they all share similar steps and precautions.The Bluetooth wireless mouse and the Bluetooth wireless mobile phone headset are good examples.Switch on your Bluetooth-enabled phone and it can quickly be paired up with a Bluetooth-enabled headset.With Driver Update™, you can keep your PC's hardware working like a pro!A PC driver is a small software that takes care of the communication between software programs and hardware devices, such as sound cards, printers and monitors.

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